Remember it’s the presentation evening on Friday at High Lane Cricket Club. The running order is as follows.

18.00 Event begins………
18.30 Soccer School Academy – around 25 boys and girls along with 4 new fantastic coaches so if you don’t have children in this age group and do get a chance to get in early and cheer them on, please feel free to do so!
18.50 Under 7s
19.10 Under 8s
19.30 Under 9s
19.50 Under 10s
20.10 Under 11s
20.30 Under 12s
20.50 Under 13s
21.10 Under 16s – If you can please hang around as we give the U16s a good send off as they are disbanding the team at this point after many years of success.

Also if you want tickets for the High Lane FC Annual Fund Raiser (High Lane Rocks) which takes place on Saturday evening at High Lane Cricket Club also then you can pick them up from managers on the night.