Signing on for the upcoming season will be done online. Please visit

The form that you have to acknowledge explains everything so please read this carefully.

Fees this season will be set at £200 for the first family member you register and £150 for each subsequent application. Payments will be taken in installments as follows;

For your first subscription the signing on fee of £51.80 will be taken on Aug 31st.
Then 10 payments of £16.10 will be taken on the 28th of each month starting in September, with the final payment made in June.

Please ensure you enter your own email address (not the childs if registering your son/ daughter) and ensure the same email address is used for each sibling. This will automatically apply the discounted rates for each subsequent application.

A head and shoulders picture is required and all the mandatory information needs to be added. Pay particular attention to the age group your son/ daughter player is in when registering a child so that they fall into the right group. If you are unsure about this or experience any difficulties please speak to your team manager.