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Discipline Procedure

  • Managers, Coaches, Players and Parents should read the Club rules. Ignorance is no excuse!
  • All matters relating to discipline will be dealt with by the Management Committee.
  • The Management Committee has the power to suspend and expel a Manager, Coach, Player or Parent whose behaviour is unacceptable, both on or off the pitch or socially.
  • Where appropriate, a Discipline Sub-committee shall investigate incidents, hear the views of interested parties and recommend to the Management Committee what action should be taken against offending persons.

All members of High Lane Football Club should acquaint themselves with the rules of the Club, which are on display on the Club website or available in booklet form from the Club Secretary.

The Management Committee shall have the power to suspend from all Club activities any member, which includes Management, Player, Parent or Coach, who shall offend against the Rules of the Club or whose conduct shall in the opinion of the Management Committee render them unfit for membership of the Club. Before any such member be suspended the Club Secretary shall give them seven days written notice to attend the meeting of the Discipline Sub-committee, which notice shall contain particulars of the complaint(s) made against them. No member shall be suspended without first having had an opportunity of appearing before the Discipline Sub-committee and answering the complaint(s) made against them, nor unless at least two thirds of the Discipline Sub-committee then present shall vote in favour of their suspension. No member shall be expelled unless at the recommendation of the Discipline Sub-committee under the aforesaid procedure and ratified by at least two-thirds majority of the members present at the Management Committee meeting.

This rule applies to members’ conduct on and off the pitch in all matters whether they are football or socially related. Any incident or problem should be fully investigated and action, where appropriate, taken in accordance with the rules.

All members are hereby informed that the Management Committee will delegate the responsibility for investigating and where applicable, deciding on any action to be taken for all incidents which arise in connection with the playing of a football match, whether immediately before, immediately after or during the match, to a Discipline Sub-committee. The Discipline Sub-committee shall consist of three elected Club Officials – the Secretary, one team manager and one other member of the Management Committee and shall be convened once an incident (or problem) has been formally brought to its notice.

In the case of incidents – caution or sending off – which occur during a match, these shall be dealt with initially by The Cheshire FA. The Club will review these at the monthly Management meetings and action may be taken depending on the severity of the offence. Matters requiring further action will be referred to the Discipline Sub-committee and the procedures outlined above will be brought into action. Where necessary, the Discipline Sub-committee shall decide on the action to be taken against the player and notify the Management Committee of this decision.

It is then the responsibility of the Management Committee to endorse and enforce the decision.

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