I know, I know…… If you’re anything like me you will be not thinking about Christmas until approximately 3 days before the big day and 2 days worth of panic shopping will commence on Christmas Eve – Eve. However, I know there will be people out there who are highly organised and will already have Christmas day and presents planned down to the last pair of socks, some of you may have already bought them all.

If you haven’t then why not take a look at purchasing your presents from one of the big high street retailers from the comfort of your office desk or armchair whilst also earning cashback for High Lane Football Club?

Take a look at the page by clicking here.

If you already do your shopping online or you’d like to do your shopping without the need to find a parking space, queue or indeed deal with any of the stressful elements of Christmas Shopping  you just need to visit your usual preferred outlets via our football foundation cashback site and the club will receive a cashback award on every purchase.  It’s really that simple!!!!

The retailers you can choose are wide and varied with popular outlets such as;
The White Company
House of Fraser
all offering incentives to the club if you purchase via the club cashback site.

This could be a massive way of raising money for the club as cashbacks at these popular outlets are around 4%. Using a very crude calculation lets say every family with children at the spent £500 and got 4%……..
Based on 8 Junior Teams with minimum of 9 players in each team that’s 72 families. Take a few off for siblings lets say a minimum of 60 families… and that’s being massively conservative!
60 x £500 = £30,000 spent on Christmas shopping.
4% of £30,000 = £1200

It really is a no brainer for me. You’re doing your shopping anyway and based on the incredibly conservative estimate above you could earn the club £1200 in the process!!

It’s not just limited to high street retailers either. You can sort insurance, mobile contracts, computer equipment and many other things on there so why not take a look. You have nothing to lose and the club has everything to gain. You never know… if we can get this ball rolling the club may even reduce signing on fees next year ;-)… although don’t quote me on that one. HO HO HO!